Love, Sex, and Libido

We are getting more and more emails from our readers, and this week we have received an email from a guy called David. David has a girlfriend who he loves very much but she is in his opinion a sex addict. I was chatting to one of the London escorts who pops in for a chat on regular basis, and we started to discuss mismatched libidos. Some of us need sex more than others, and we end up thinking that our partner is a sex addict. Anna, from elite London escorts services, said that she thought this happened a lot, and I would be inclined to agree with her. Mismatched Libidos of Anna from elite London escorts services and myself, ended up talking about mismatched libidos the other day.
Most of the time we presume it is the man who has the stronger sex drive but this isn’t always the way. Looking at it the facts, some women have really strong sex drives as well, and like Anna pointed out, it varies with our hormonal balances. As we get a bit older, perhaps in between 30 – 34 years of age, some women have very strong sex drives and men often comment on this. However, like Anna also said, some women do have very strong sex drives all the time and some men do find it a problem. Anna also mentioned that a couple of her London escorts friends had very strong sex drives and their boyfriends looked tired. It is generally assumed that men should be able to keep up with their ladies but it doesn’t always work out that way. So, what can be done with mismatched libidos and how would Anna from the sexiest London escorts deal with it.
Love Sex Too Much When our libidos are mismatched, it can easily put a strain on our relationships. One partner may not be able to have sex as much as the other, and London escorts seem to think that this problem affects a lot of relationships. For instance, if a man works at night he might just be too tired to come home in the morning and make love to his wife. Anna said that she comes across this a lot, and it has happened in her own relationship. Her partner works for a male London escorts service, and when he comes home, he is often too tired to make love to her. He falls asleep almost standing up some mornings Anna said. It leaves her frustrated but they have started to make two days a week special. Sometimes it is difficult to get their schedules together as they are both London escorts, but they have started to make a real effort to make two days special. They both take time off from work, and then they just focus on each other. Anna says that this seems to working out, and perhaps this is something David and his partner can try. But Anna also pointed out that it is important to find out why the two libidos are mismatched.

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